Violette Tonuzi

After a 5 year struggle at the academy of hard knocks for business I knew I had to further sharpen my skills. Losing my business after a long successful run due to reasons I prefer to keep private until you read my book, brought to its fruitful destination.

In 2012 I decided to pursue my lifelong passion of selling Real Estate. Not only am I into the selling process but I’m very into how people live and how they choose to furnish. While these two careers couldn’t seem more different, they are actually very similar. When you know how to interpret ones wishes you hit a home run every time! Truly listening has been the pinnacle of my success for 3 decades and counting. Now, I get to interpret their wishes on a grander scale but honestly it feels very similar. You want to wear your dream hairstyle or color and you want to live in your dream home! They are equally difficult searches… One costs more but do the math after 30 years of hair fashion, your pockets are just as flattened! I am lucky enough to have been doing what I love and for my entire life! I love hair and now I love Real estate.

[edgtf_blockquote text=”My reinvention journey has been extremely empowering. I love sharing my story with other woman that are just as eager to reinvent themselves. My dear friend once said to me “It’s never too late to make a change, to reinvent and live the life you deserve”. That resonated for me and now I’m living my dream.”]