Life Journey

Rosemary Bova

As a kid in school I couldn’t wait to get out of my neighborhood. I had dreams of traveling the world, living in a beautiful Manhattan apartment, becoming an accomplished business person, and being a stylish woman a role model for others.  Blessedly, I accomplished all of that, reinventing myself along the way.

Life is a journey.  Challenges and opportunities show up on ones path at different times.  Sometimes they show up as a cluster and other times independently and more manageable.  Dealing with what comes our way in a constructive manner keeps us on our toes, helping to maintain our vitality.  As an Executive Coach I work with people to navigate their path to reinvention.

My most recent reinvention might be of particular interest to you.  Having lived and worked in Manhattan for more than 25 years, creating the life I dreamed of as a young woman, I recently moved back to the neighborhood I couldn’t wait to leave.  We went as far as purchasing the house and becoming first time home owners.  (We’d been condo owners prior.)

Moving back into the family home, overseeing the elder care of my vibrant mom in her late 90’s, and re-launching both my consulting business and my husband’s art studio has been the latest reinvention I am managing.  Each dimension of this latest reinvention warrants a chapter of its own which I will be writing about in the future.  For now I will say Brooklyn is like another world from Manhattan.  Much remains the same as it was and yet it is oh so different than I remember.

[edgtf_blockquote text=”Reinvention takes patience, focus, vision and a sense of purpose. Knowing yourself is essential.”]