Family Lifestyle

Mary Ann

When I was in High School I decided what I wanted to accomplish in life. I decided that I did not want to go to College and I wanted to go to work in the business world. At seventeen years old I started my career as a Secretary working in Manhattan, but knew I wanted to get married and have a family.

I got married when I was twenty two years old and had my daughter when I was twenty six. My goal was to stay home and raise a family. Two years later I gave birth to my son and I really enjoyed being a stay at home Mom. When my children became of school age, I wanted to give them a private school education so I decided to get a part time job to help pay the tuition so we could afford “the little extras”. I started a job in a pre-school across the street from my children’s school so I could be close to them in case of emergency; and was home with them during school holidays and summer vacation. I worked at this job until my daughter finished high school and then decided it was time for me to get a full time job to help with college tuition.

Now that I decided on working full time, I needed to take some computer courses to be able to get back into the business world. I took some courses and was able to get a full time job at a college which would also enable my children to receive free tuition as long as I worked at the college. I worked at the college for fourteen years. My husband retired from his job and once again I decided to transform my job to fit the time of my life and be able to spend time with my husband. I left that job to pursue a part time job.

I am now working two days a week and really like what I do. I have reinvented myself through the years to fit my life responsibilities of committing to marriage and motherhood. I would not change a thing and I feel that I have accomplished and fulfilled my goals of having a career and family.