Life & Love

Gabrielle Gagliano

I was taught that by the time you are in high school you should know what your life’s path was. Meaning your career should be planned and ready to be met with through college or a vocational school.

When my son turned 16 I found myself fighting with him daily about his future. He had no intention of going to college and had no vocation interests.

When he turned 17 he had an opportunity to follow his passion! Music has been a part of his life since before he was born as his father is a drummer. He took piano lessons for 2 years but would not learn to read music so we just assumed he had no passion for it.

Over the years he has taught himself to master the keyboard and drums. He recently started playing the guitar and bass guitar. He became a member of a band a little over a year ago. They write their own music and lyrics.

They were given an opportunity to record the music and try to get it picked up by a record label. They finished recording their tracks on Mother’s Day. We have some more work to do to get it out there for the public to hear but we are having a great time as a family doing this.

I am so glad that I let go of what I was taught and learned to follow my heart.
Our children need to find their own path in life. We are there to guide and buffer but we should not be planning their futures for them.

Gabrielle Gagliano
Brooklyn NY