I sit here wanting to write an impressive reinvention then I realize as women we are constantly reinventing ourselves whether we are aware of it or not…

So here’s my story.
My reinvention began 10 years ago when I was blessed with a beautiful son, His birth into this world, attached me to it in a way I could never imagine. Suddenly everything became vivid, I was firmly planted with 2 feet on the ground. While I was aware of subtle nuances in his world, I was filled with tremendous Awe, Joy, Hope, Fear and Everlasting love for this human being who changed me, and my world. He gave me a completeness that nothing else could have done. It is a total joy being his mom, it was what I was meant to be in my life and yet I am so much more, because I am his bodyguard, his playmate, his teacher, his nurturer, his funny lady and everything else. And I enjoy every moment of it despite its exhausting pace.

Flash forward 10 years… in that time my spouse lost his job, shortly to follow was my beautiful house that my little man was supposed to have these great play dates and fabulous birthday parties in. Instead I stand here, yet again transformed. Through Early intervention for my sweet boy and school IEP meetings ensure he gets what he needs to succeed, to various doctor’s appointments. Coupled with the ups and downs of an emotional packed marriage with the stresses of every aspect of life. I realize despite it all, I need to do more. So I enter the work force as a special education teacher’s assistant. It wasn’t easy to get in, but I am in and I am so grateful. It soothes my soul to help a kid not struggle. I find I look forward to the future with a new perspective; I am set on finishing my Bachelors degree and look forward to earning my Masters in Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy. But I do not limit my thoughts; I know things change all the time. And I trust in the Universe, and God to open the door for me…and place me on the path. If I only listen to my soul self a bit more.

I got to this place for a purpose. Nothing, I realize is coincidence. I am on a path and I am excited about it. I think about all the good things that will trickle out of that. And I am excited about the woman I will become yet again when I attain my goals, and what ever else I think I can do. Thanks for letting me share and wishing you all who read this, the very best.