Chris Chiarmonte

I am one of the few male patients that Nikki had before she had her Brooklyn Woman’s Services. Back when she was saving the neighborhood troubled mind, one conversation at a time at Neighborhood Counseling on 13th Ave.

My parents made me promise to go. I was hurting everyone around me, including myself. Nobody knew why. Not even me. And, I did not even care.

Many who actually know me personally have asked me how I manage to let almost anything just roll off my back, and live my life without being so angry.

Of course so many of you see a side of me that encourages spicy dialog about fiery topics, and often offending people with a straight forward abrasive opinions and point of views. The advocate in me demands freedom of speech, but none of it ever derives from hate or true anger. I may be passionately angry at a topic or heated dialog, but never truly angry.

With that said, I haven’t had a drop of anxiety, panic, or depression in well over 15 years. Before that, I would shake with panic, heart palpitate with anxiety, and dwell in a stoned manic depressive state doing nothing but obsess. My parents divorce made me angry. Very angry. And every failed relationship that followed me reactivated the same obsessive routine about that hurt.

This woman saved me from that prison. And, I know her, she would insist that I saved myself. But, I am sure, that without her help, I would still be obsessive compulsive, and filled with guilt and anger. I am sure that very few people can be in a place to help give the light that she gave me. I will never be able to repay her, but I will pay that light forward for the rest of my life.

Thanks Nikki. Lucia is the luckiest kid in the world. I am happily married, with 2 boys, and the most loving wife. And neither one of them would even believe my past had such a fall. You helped me get up, I put together my life, my parents and siblings supported me, and it all paved the way to an amazing, loving life with a family of my own.