Chris Chiarmonte

I am one of the few male patients that Nikki had before she had her Brooklyn Woman’s Services. Back when she was saving the neighborhood

Family Lifestyle

Mary Ann

When I was in High School I decided what I wanted to accomplish in life. I decided that I did not want to go to College and I wanted to go to work in the business world. At seventeen years old I started my career as a Secretary working in Manhattan, but knew I wanted to get married and have a family.

Life & Love


July of 2012 my life as I knew it changed forever.

This was when my husband passed away. At the time my son was 15 years old and my daughter was 11 years old. Everything was a



My Re-Invention Story – Becoming a Single Mother.

I reinvented myself when I decided to become a single mother. I was in an abusive marriage and chose to leave. With the unwavering support of a counselor, I learned about abuse and decided

Life & Love


Helping people has been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember.

However getting there was nothing short of an uphill battle.


Lorraine Galbo

I was scared of change and to try something new. Plus I didn’t like to say no so I had ways to delay. You know the phrases “I need to think about it” or